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Last Updated: 30-01-2024


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Telugu Sex Stories

TeluguStories99 is as the name might suggest a site that is all about Stories written in Telugu, BUT there is a twist. That twist is that all these stories are sex related! Some stories are made up by some creative dirty mind but not all! There are quite a lot of real stories that happenend to real people like you and me. This makes it really easy to get into the story and fantasize about you beeing in the shoes of the main character. Very hot stuff!

Why TeluguStories99?

Besides everything mentioned above, what makes Telugustories99 such a nice site is that it's really basic and clear design. White background, black text in a normal font no little extra's or distractions. They also don't have much advertisements on the site and all the stories are free (the little advertisement can be fully blocked with adblocker)!
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